GH3 Wrinkle Creme – 2oz


New dry skin formula!

Erase fine lines, fade dark circles, and stimulate circulation to diminish the signs of aging.

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GH3 Wrinkle Creme is the only GH3-based face creams in the U.S.A. The primary ingredient of GH3 Wrinkle Creme consists of the original Romanian formula, Gerovital H-3, the anti-aging vitAminic serum.

GH3 Wrinkle Creme is targeted to restore the more mature, very dry or damaged skin types. Like GH3 Facial Milk, the wrinkle cream is designed to erase fine lines, shrink pores, fade dark circles and stimulate circulation, but at a more concentrated level. In addition, the wrinkle cream in effect is tightening the skin, therefore diminishing the signs of aging.

GH3 Wrinkle Creme is more concentrated and thicker in consistency than the facial milk, but never feels heavy on the skin. When applied, all GH3 skin products feel soothing and refreshing and produce a youthful glow.

Both woman and men claim that after only three days of using GH3 skin care products there is a noticeable improvement in the appearance of their skin.

These products have received a tremendous response from our customers. We recommend using them in combination with GH3 tablets, to feel and look younger from the inside out. Wrinkle Creme is available in one and two ounce sizes.

Directions: Cleanse face and neck thoroughly with luke warm water and gently scrub off dead skin cells with a loofah or cleansing grains. Rinse thoroughly. Place a few drops on your fingers tips and spread evenly on wet face and neck (this will lock in moisture), using upward strokes, then let dry and repeat application.

Note: Avoid using foundation whenever possible for the first two weeks. Foundation and powder tend to clog pores and deepen lines. Refrigerate for pore-tightening results.

Ingredients: Original Aslan formula Gerovital H-3, vitamins A and D and E, evening primrose oil, purified water, sesame oil, angelica archangelica extract, elastin, bee pollen methyparaben and natural fragrance.


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